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Blessed is the Flame of Retribution [So-called Canada]

As Churches go up in flames in and across the nation and colonialist statues, venerated by the State, are splashed blood red, ripped from their foundations, and smashed to pieces, it is crystal clear that liberal-centrist institutions are the major culprit of cultural, economic, and real genocide. The Church and State are power-tools, machines of ideology. They are designed to perpetrate mass surveillance, discipline, and punishment of any type upon the general-population and/or any specific social group; all the while, they mask their inhuman activities in an instantaneous legality manufactured by their very own institutional apparatuses. And, of course, this so-called legality is always a legalized oppression orchestrated by the Church and State themselves, namely, the very same institutions engaged in various forms of repression, both ideological and real.

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