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Conflict Intensifies in #MattoleForest as Tree Sit is Erected and Elders Are Arrested

Petrolia, CA (June 10, 2019) — For over 24 hours, security guards working for Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC) have camped under an old-growth tree threatened with imminent destruction. 

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#NoMVP: Nana Takes Up Residence In Tree Sit Blocking Mountain Valley Pipeline

ELLISTON, VIRGINIA — On Saturday, May 18th 2019, 44-year-old Crystal Jean Mello has taken up residence as the newest face of resistance in opposition to the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

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On Slavery, Nat Turner, John Brown, and Drones: A Statement from Sean Swain

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on last year in the lead-up to the annual International Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners. We are reposting it at the direct request of Sean Swain: “The [Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction] has decided to make me die in their prisons for the [following] article. So, please make sure this gets everywhere.”

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US territory: Several groups disrupt #Duluth city council meeting

US territory: At the past several meetings regarding riot gear, several groups and collectives such as UMD Students for Justice, Anonymous Twin Ports, Anti-colonial Land Defense, Black Lives Matter, ExPrisoners Organizing, Save The Kids, Standing Up for Racial Justice, Native Lives Matter, and many others were either ignored or merely appeased with the illusion of “public input”.

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Support the #EarthFirst! Winter Rendezvous! DONATE NOW SHARE

​Originally published by: Hudson Valley Earth First!

Our local Earth First! group will be hosting the 2017 Organizers Conference and Winter Rendezvous this February 7th -14th. Get ready for awesome workshops, winter hikes, music, campfires and lots of fun!🙂

Support the Earth First! Organizers Conference and Winter Rendezvous!

We are raising money to host 75+ people for a weeklong  gathering of Earth Firsters, eco-defenders, and earth loving rebels. Nestled in the Catskill Mountains within the Hudson River Watershed, we have reserved heated cabins to engage in important movement discussions and provide a space to plug into existing campaigns/projects in our bioregion.

We need to raise $5000 by January 1st to cover the 50% deposit for the cost of the cabins, indoor meeting space and on-site hotel rooms. Thanks for your help!


We are a group of eco-warriors drawn together by common principles and a great love for the natural communities of the Hudson River Valley in New York.

Earth First! is not an organization, but a movement. The only offices we occupy are those we storm during actions. Our version of green technology is the equipment we devise to blockade roads and lock ourselves to machinery. We carry grassroots organizing, home demonstrations, climbing gear, and bike locks in our tool bag. Our actions attempt to deliver an appropriate response to the violence against the living world.

The principles that unite all Earth First! groups are direct action, biocentrism (respect for all life), and a “no compromise” stance.

Pipelines, power plants, bomb trains and a whole slew of other development projects are either currently under construction or in the proposal and permitting phases. Despite a de facto ban on fracking in NY, oil and gas infrastructure continue to invade our communities. Projects currently under construction include:

– CPV fracked gas power plant, being fought by several community groups and HVEF! Also tied up in a bribery scandal with the state; officials of CPV and the government recently indicted.

– Spectra’s “Algonquin” Pipeline, being fought by activists and Ramapough Lenape people, attempting to go under the Hudson River, through sacred sites and near Indian Point nuclear plant.

Projects still awaiting approval or permits:

– Pilgrim Pipeline: 2 oil/diesel pipes recently approved but no permits granted. Over 20 towns and cities along route have passed resolutions against this project.

– Oil barges on the river: coast guard considering 26 crude oil “parking spots” for tankers to supplement bomb train capacity. Many opposed, concerned with reversing clean-up of river.

HVEF! events are organized to raise money and awareness to aid in the resistance against these environmental abominations.

Always For The Wild,

Hudson Valley Earth First!