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#Australia: Don’t mention the emergency

Australia: On 18 May, enrolled voters in Australia will decide which members of the capitalist class will represent us in Parliament and crush us in government for the next three years. This election occurs at a time when the world has been informed that it has, at most, until 2030 to take effective action to stop and begin reversing climate change, or risk crossing tipping points into runaway temperature rises that would kill billions and endanger industrial civilisation. So you’d think the major players would be presenting plans to fix it. But no, this is Australian capitalist democracy and we get something different.

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#France: Protests Continue After #Macron Won Election Circus

France: The protests against the election circus and the neoliberal policies of Macron continued on Sunday and Monday in Paris and several other cities. In Massy people are protesting for several days now, after 17 year old Curtis was killed when he was chased by police.


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