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#Athens: Statement by #Empros After Fascist Attack

emproslogo.pngStatement by Free and Self-Managed Theatre Embros after fascist Attack on Sunday. The fascist attack was repelled by antifa activists.

Video of the fascistattack on Emrpos in Athens, Greece on February 4, 2018:

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#Antifa Repelled Fascist Attacks in #Athens

After the fascist attacks on self-organized squats during a nationalist rally in Thessaloniki last month, comrades in Athens were on high alert over the weekend during a similar nationalist demonstration. The dispute about the name of FYROM between Greek and Macedonian nationalists is leading to an aggressive nationalist agenda in both states. Fascists attacked the self-organized space Empros yesterday, but antifa activists were able to repel the fascist attack. Cops attacked an office of Antarsya but this attack was also repelled.

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