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#Hamilton #Ontario: Fascists show up for donuts, run away from antifascists!

Hamilton Against Fascism is thrilled to announce that the fascist “Patriot March” on Locke Street (on March 25, EiE) was a complete and utter failure. The fascists -Soldiers of Odin, Proud Boys, and III% among them- were unable to march on Locke Street, and those that did show up ran away shortly after. Faced by a large and militant opposition consisting of Hamilton Against Fascism and our community allies including the Revolutionary Communist Party, Muslim Association of Hamilton, and Hamilton & District Labour Council, the fascists were wildly outnumbered.

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#Hamilton #Ontario: Locke Street Anti-Fascist Counter-Rally

A collection of anti-immigrant and alt-right hate groups – Soldiers of Odin, the Proud Boys, and the III% “Militia” among them – are planning a “Patriot Walk on Locke”. They’re hoping to cast themselves as more than the racist, xenophobic goons they are by capitalizing on public sympathy for Locke Street. We won’t let them!

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