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#NATO3 Update On Anarchist Political Prisoner Jay Chase

​Originally published byIts Going Down

Sorry for not posting many updates about NATO3 Political Prisoner Jared (Jay) Chase. Jay does not written many people back so updates tend to be a bit sparse. There is also rather little support for him where he is imprisoned in Illinois.

In addition to the 8 year sentence Jay got as part of the NATO3 case, he also got a one year sentence for apparently throwing waste at a prison guard while he was held in solitary confinement at Cook County Jail. This case has been covered in The Guardianwhich you can read about here.

Since then, Jay continues to be held in the Secure Housing Unit (or SHU) of Pontiac Correctional. His release date has been extended to 6/6/2019 (Previously, it has been 11/6/2017). We can only assume this is due to Jay continuing to receive incident reports and losing good time. This is IL DOC punishes people they cannot control by putting in a cage within a cage.

Jay does not have a lot of support and has become one of the forgotten political prisoners whose case is becoming forgotten by much of the movement.  He does not want visits but does like receiving mail and books.

If you can, please send books to Jay. He has been in solitary almost exclusively since 2012 and it still a few years away from release. He also has a debilitating condition called Huntington’s Disease which is not being treated by the prison.

His wish list is updated when he requests new books. Check it out here.

Jay enjoys getting mail. You can write him at:

Jared Chase
P.O. Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764

Check out the background to Jay’s current situation can be found heremore on his fight with huntington diseaseprevious denial of media care after being attacked by guards.

Source: Its Going Down