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#Oakland, #California: Election night crime wave

Oakland. CA. On Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, an unexpected crime wave spread across Oakland, a violent series of encounters that took place while thousand of liberals were glued to their screens, eager to find out which elderly, white male rapist would be coronated this January 2021. The police were prepared for riots in the case that Trump won the election, an outcome that became increasingly distant as the night dragged on. With all their resources concentrated downtown, the police were caught with their pants down when roving caravans of cars engaged in a crime-wave that spanned almost nine miles. In their desperation, the police gunned down a 20 year old father named Jonathan Torres Ramirez, a cold-blooded murder that was quickly buried under a mountain of election propaganda. Had there been thousands of people rioting downtown, this shooting could have possibly been avoided, but as it turned out, all those angry thousands were at home watching a pointless charade transpire across all levels of modern media. At the end of it all, a young man is dead, and the worst part is that few people even know it happened. Those who cannot help but remember are his family, his friends, and his community.

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