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Reclaim #Làbas is a Fight for the Future of #Bologna

The Làbas social centre in the heart of Bologna is one of the most important examples of urban activism in Italy’s recent history. Originating as a site for solidarity building and autonomous anti-capitalist organising, the occupied space has become a symbol of public rights in Bologna. But in the past few years the city has undergone widespread gentrification, with municipal administrators ignoring the poverty and housing problems that social centres seek to address. Last month, the Làbas occupation was evicted by police unexpectedly. The march organised for 9 September will be not only to save Làbas, but Bologna’s long-held reputation as a ‘Red City’ entirely.


Image: Assembly about Làbas in Bologna, Italy on August 30; Reclaim Làbas on September 9.

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#Bologna: #Làbas & Laboratorio Crash Evicted

Cops violently evicted two social centers in Bologna, Italy yesterday. Activists announced that there would be a public meeting at the end of the month in preparation for a demonstration on September 9th to take back the Làbas social center.


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