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Cuba: The end of the “revolution’s” social enchantment

The repressive social enchantment that kept the greater part of the outmoded international left pacified has vanished. Beneath the “Cuban Revolution”, and against the grain of its benign image, the “Cuban State” has emerged publicly, in all its crudeness and repressive grandiloquence. The same Cuban state that created – in order to confront Yankee imperialism – an omnipresent political police that fights the society kept under its control. The same Cuban state that destroyed – in the name of socialism – all popular and workers organizations that, with their histories of struggle, made the declared socialist conquests a daily reality. That same Cuban state that has turned solidarity into an internationally renown branding, at the cost of keeping us sunk in mistrust and fear among neighbors. The same Cuban state that – in the midst of the intensified Yankee blockade – builds more hotels for foreign tourists than infrastructures to produce food, fruits and milk. The same Cuban state that has produced the only vaccines in Latin America against covid-19, but maintains its health personnel in a condition of salaried employees of the political police.

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