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Reimagining revolution: Amador Fernández Savater

With the seeming proliferation and celebration of anniversaries of revolutions, “successful” or “failed”, we lose cite of the conceptual wealth and practical weight of the concept itself.  We have tried here, however modestly, to reflect upon the history and the significance of the idea.  Yet, with every new rebellious event, and with every commemoration of past rebellions, the questions surge up again: what is revolution?  are there different kinds of revolutions?  Can a revolution, for example, an anti-capitalist revolution, be defined theoretically and/or normatively?  Or must we wait upon history, blindly, to tell what such occurrences are?

And what are we to make of “the revolutionary”, the disobedient subjectivity desirous of destroying the old, to create the new?  Is such a subjectivity possible, desirous, or a tyrant?

Without wishing to close the debate (indeed, it is impossible to do so), we share a reflection on the imaginary of revolution by Amador Fernández Savater.

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