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Chronicles from #Lebanon’s revolution

Lebanon. Since October 17, 2019, Lebanon has been living at the rhythm of an uprising targeting both the political class and a moribund economic regime. As elsewhere, the spread of the virus and the health emergency measures first put an end to the contestation. On March 21, Megaphone media released a video titled “Tripoli: Expect to Meet Us After the Corona.” (Watch video below) The extreme deterioration of the economic situation and the total lack of resources encountered by a large number of inhabitants following confinement have finally advanced this prognosis. Despite a quarantine in effect until the 10th of May, movements are taking to the streets, and once again targeting banks that are crystallising discontent. And again, the city of Tripoli has occupied a unique place, and this since the beginning of the uprising. On April 27, the army, which is actively involved in the repression, killed a young man, Fawaz Fouad Samman, whose death only increased popular anger.

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The ides of May

After the April calendars, beware of ides [1].Calends are the farce that is being prepared behind the closed doors of all the Elysées, the one for which those in charge have long been consciously and unconsciously rehearsing. Beware of ides if gets worse.

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Marcello Tari: A letter to friends from the desert

This civilisation will not come to an end because of the coronavirus. I believe that it is clear to everyone that the latter is only an epiphenomenon, but one born of the former’s arrogance, its insatiable rapacity, its injustice, because it transformed the world into a gigantic morbid factory. What else could be born, apart from the demon of total destruction, of a civilization which elevated money to the rank of absolute idol and power as the ultimate end of everything and all existence?

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Monologue of the #virus

Silence, dear humans, all of your ridiculous calls to war. Lower the looks of revenge you throw at me. Turn off the halo of terror that surrounds my name. We, viruses, from the bacterial background of the world, are the true continuum of life on Earth. Without us, you would never have seen the light of day, nor would the first cell.

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#Bologna in times of the #Coronavirus – The Wu Ming Diary

For some time now I have felt the need for a healthy distance (what a euphemism these days) from most of what is called the radical left in this country. After Chemnitz, after Halle, after Hanau, I was struck by deep shame when I attended those compulsory exercises which, free from hatred and honest grief, meandered through the “scene districts”, leaving nothing behind but a short report in the regional news, so on the evening of February 19 I noticed for the first time that the whole affair started to disgust me.

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The #GiletsJaunes rebellion and beyond

France. The yellow vests insurrection revealed the central role of the State in assuring the reproduction of capitalist social relations, a role which as central, is also fragile, sustained only by its increasing militarisation against those whom capital increasingly discards.

From the Temps critiques collective, a further reflection on the yellow vests movement.

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#Paris, #BlackRock Occupation: Happy Birthday Youth Climate Movement

Paris. France. NB : It has been one year since the beginning of the global youth climate movement which started with Greta Thunberg’s call for international demonstrations on March, 15th 2019. In France, the #youthforclimate movement has started a bit earlier, on February, 8th, and is thus celebrating its birth day by inaugurating a new cycle of spreading life and happiness among the corporate destroyers of the world.

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Politics in times of catastrophe

Every day the catastrophe grows

The political game of alternatives has come to an end

Europe has totally closed its borders

Governments only hold on with their police

The big media are running out of arguments

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