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Without shelter: Housing policy in wartime [Ukraine]

“The realtor said that today there were more than 300 requests, with only 5 apartments successfully found.”

“We searched all over the Lviv oblast, nothing came out in Lviv, but we managed to find an apartment in Lutsk, so we are heading there.”

“I will probably have to return to Kharkiv.”

Ukraine. I hear similar words in Lviv every single day. I think the situation is the same in many places throughout western Ukraine and eastern Poland, and such words float around the territories those fleeing the war go. Over the last month, thousands of people have found accommodation in Lviv, and nobody knows how many people have failed to do so.

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Notes from Lviv in times of war [Ukraine]

I am writing this text on the night of 7-8 March in Lviv. This is the fourth year of my living in Lviv, and I met the war here. It seems that my whole life has passed since my mother’s morning call. She told me that “we are being bombed.” My life and the lives of everyone around me have broken down and will not be the same as before. But we will live somehow. I would like to share with the readers of Commons my observations on how a new life emerges in my city. I know that the next breakdown can happen even before I finish this text, so am writing quite in a hurry.

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