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#Italy: From #Macerata to #Piacenza: #Antifa’s are Unwilling to Delegate, and Counter-Attack!

Last week in Italy there was a strong antifascist reaction in the streets of dozens of cities after the terrorist attack in Macerata (Marche) by Luca Traini, a Lega xenophobic party militant who shot and injured six black-skin people as a kind of vigilante revenge against other crimes occurred there. With rampant media overexposure of far-rightist messages also by traditionalist Forza Nuova and neofascist CasaPound parties – in a context where racism and borders are largely deployed by the Government against migrants and poor people – over two hundreds of demonstrations in a week show a way to start a new long-term general struggle against supremacism and fascist ideology in the crisis. Here is the translation of our (Infoaut) statement about the demonstrations all over the country last Saturday.

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Fascism is the distilled poison of #capitalism: #Macerata, #Italy

When a fascist feels that s/he is free to set upon others with impunity, to insult, to threaten, to maim and to kill those that are deemed a menace to the national-racial body, then anti-capitalists are already in a position of weakness.  The fascists sense their strength, perceive a change in the winds and tides of politics that make their appearance and action publicly presentable and defensible.  The anti-capitalists have lost ground, and must metamorphosise into “anti-fascists”, already a reaction to the rise of fascism; perhaps too late, or perhaps not.  But now battle lines must be drawn, violence called upon, with uncertain consequences if the battles to follow fail to uproot the plant of which fascism is but a fruit, which is capitalism itself.

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