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#RefugeesGR Update: Freedom for Mahmoud A.

On Thursday 8th of February, Mahmoud A. was brought for his interrogation with the prosecutor in Kilkis in Northern Greece. He is accused of having organized a demonstration in the refugee camp Idomeni at the Greek-Macedonian Border on 10th of April last year. The prosecutor is trying to hold him accountable for the events of this day, where the Macedonian Military and Greek border police was attacking the protesting refugees and migrants with tear-gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades. He is therefore accused of having spread a leaflet that is calling for the action, suborning people to illegally passing the borders and being a threat for national security.


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#Repression #RefugeesGR #Greece: Freedom for Mahmoud A!

On Friday 3rd of February Mahmoud A. got arrested in the asylum center of Thessaloniki when he came to attend the interview for his asylum application. He was brought to the police station of Thessaloniki and did not know why he has been arrested or for how long he will have to remain imprisoned…


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