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The five pandemics lashing the ass of the world

In another provocative and essential text, the Bolivian activist María Galindo proposes to think through and act on 5 emergencies that, she says, cannot be justified by the advance of the coronavirus: fascism, colonisation, corruption and state indifference, male violence and hunger; how each of these other “pandemics” plague the Latin American countries that she baptizes Culo del Mundo/Ass of the World, “in the ambiguous sense of a place of pleasure and contempt at the same time.” Fear and hunger as means of control; financial loans as a method of colonisation; the ancestral views of health, closer to people than formal health care; the role of non-institutional, popular kitchens, managed by women; the question of whether the ways out are going to come from broken and corrupt states; sexist violence, the crisis of care and George Floyd’s phrase translated by Galindo: “In the center of the pandemic the movement I CANNOT BREATHE is born, which in Andean code means I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE.”

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“Disobedience, thanks to you I will survive”

(La Paz, 17 March 2020, Radio Deseo). I have Corona. Because even if it seems that the disease has not yet arrived in my body, it has already reached people I love. Because the corona virus is wandering through the cities I have visited in the last few weeks; because the corona virus has changed everything, absolutely everything, as if a miracle, better, a catastrophe had occurred, a tragedy without a cure. No matter where you go, it was there before you were. Nowadays you can’t think of anything without the virus being involved. Looks like I’m not the only one with Corona. No, we all have Corona. All the institutions, all the countries, all the neighbourhoods, everything we do.

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María Galindo: Giving form to a local anarcho-feminism

For the 8th of March, in solidarity with the calls for a feminist strike, an interview with María Galindo, anarchist, feminist, psychologist, from bolivia, by Carolina Meloni González, for the spanish newspaper, el salto diario (25/01/2020).

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