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Sabotage in rail road network: Arrests [Belarus]

Belarus. On April 6, the Ministry of the Interior reported that security forces used live ammunition to arrest “saboteurs” along a rail track in late March. Three of them allegedly acted together and set fire to two relay cabinets near Osipovichi. Video footage shows that one of them, with bandaged knees, has difficulty answering questions of the police forces, the second has blood on his face, and the third is really scared. Deputy Interior Minister Gennady Kazakevich now confirmed the shooting of the suspects during alleged acts of sabotage on the railroad track. At the press conference he spoke of two seriously injured – a resident of Bobruysk, who was allegedly involved in the destruction of relay cabinets, and a resident from the Minsk district, whose car was parked near the tracks and who was snitched on by “citizens who are not indifferent”.

Image above: Arrival of military equipment from Russia at the Brest-Yuzhny railway depot in January.

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