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#Autonomism: Cutting the Ground From Under #Marxism

Many points in this piece doesn’t necessarily reflect our views. But we still think it’s an interesting read – The building of a new mode of production which is based on the self-activity of all people cannot be delegated to any body – not even a working class party. It is only through the mass organs of working class life that a new society can be built. Communism cannot be brought in by decree but is the living product of a mass collective consciousness struggling towards new forms of social organisation.

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Barbarians: Disordered Insurgence by Chrissus and Odotheus

Barbarians by Chris and Odotheus is a text of some importance for anarchists and anyone else who sincerely desires the destruction of this social world of exploitation and domination. It presents a devastating critique of a book that has become one of the most significant theoretical influences on a major part so-called anti-globalisation movement, Empire by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri. Hardt and Negri claim to be post-dialectical and post-Marxist. It merely takes a slight rip of the veil to expose a historical determinism and a rigid dialectic of class struggle that reflects one of the crudest versions of Marxism.

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