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#Nantes #Breil: Communiqué by the assembly of those injured by the police

On the night of July 3, 22 year old Aboubakar was killed by cops in the Breil district in Nantes. Heavy clashes broke out after the police murder. Here is a communiqué by the assembly of those injured by the police.

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#Nantes: In case of resumption of expulsions at #ZAD #NDDL

Information about support and infrastructure in Nantes in case of a second wave of expulsions in La ZAD, NDDL in so-called France.

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#Nantes: New occupation by #refugees and their supporters

Following the evictions from the Censive building and from the Château du Tertre, that saw more than 150 people thrown out, a new occupation followed the day after at the 9 rue Maurice Sibille. Help us to move in, call for solidarity.

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#Nantes, #France: squatted refugee centre evicted

At early hours last Wednesday, the prefecture of Nantes, with the green light of the presidency of the university campus, evicted the Castle of Tertre: a university building occupied by students and refugees last Autumn in order to house child migrants. 300 cops took part in a very swift operation which made 150 young people homeless. The eviction took place after a few months of unsuccessful negotiations with both University and the local government.

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#France: State Repression Against #Indymedia #Grenoble and #Indymedia #Nantes

Following the publication of a communiqué claiming responsibility for a fire in a garage at a Grenoble police depot (gendarmerie) during the night of September 20th/21st, Indymedia Grenoble and Indymedia Nantes have been threatened by the French police.


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#France Video: Cop Pulled A Gun Against Protesters in #Rennes

In France protests against the elcection system continued today. Many schools in Paris, Nantes, Rennes and other cities were closed due to blockades by students. In Rennes 3000 students took the streets, a cop pulled a gun against protesters.


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#JusticePourTheo #AulnaySousBois #France: Clashes Continue – Testimony by Theo

Clashes continued in several french cities tonight. The clashes started on Saturday after cops beaten and raped 22 year old Theo in Aulnay-Sous-Bois (15 kilometers north of Paris) on Thursday.

Clashes in Rennes, France tonight

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#ZAD #NDDL Tägliche Auseinandersetzungen mit der Polizei


Die autonome Anti-Flughafen Zone im Notre Dame Des Landes Wald wird mittlerweile permanent von einer Polizei-Armee besetzt, dies hat tägliche Auseinandersetzungen zwischen Polizei und Aktivisten zufolge. Denn auch sie haben große Teile des Waldes besetzt.


Aktivisten sind damit beschäftigt die Barrikaden wieder aufzubauen und haben auch diverse Häuser, Hütten und einen Teil der Infrastruktur, die durch vorherige Angriffe des Staates zerstört wurden, wieder aufgebaut.

Am 4., 5., und 6. Januar wird im Wald ein Widerstandsfestival organisiert.


Video: Merry Crisis – ZAD Aktivisten:

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