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#Cologne: Protest against the new state government in #Thuringia – Loud and determined demo – #FDP meeting disrupted

In several cities on the German territory people took the streets to protest against the election of new state prime minister Kemmerich (FDP). Yesterday the FDP candidate prevailed by a narrow majority of one vote. This was supported by the votes of the CDU and the fascist AfD. Thuringia is to be governed in the future by a prime minister supported by the AfD and this prime minister was obviously not too sorry to accept the help of the fascists for his opportunistic intentions. Spontaneous demonstrations took place across the German territory. To give you a few numbers (participants at the spontaneous demos): Aachen: 200, Berlin: 3000, Bielefeld: 400, Bonn: 150, Düsseldorf: 200, Erfurt: 3000, Frankfurt: 1000, Hamburg: 2000, Hannover: 400, Jena: 3000, Köln: 500, Leipzig: 1200 – 1600 . A report from the demo in Cologne.

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#Germany: Cops Attacked #Antifa Blockades With Water Canons by 0 Celsius

Riot cops attacked several antifa blockades against the party conference of the fascist AFD party in Hannover, Germany earlier today. One person was transferred in a hospital and became emergency surgery because of an open fracture on his leg. The antifa protests started with a demonstration last night.


Image: German riot cops attacked antifa blockades with water canons by 0 celsius earlier today. Image by Twitter account @infozentrale

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Thousands Protest Against Party Convention of Fascist AFD in Cologne

Tens of Thousands joined todays protests against the party convention of the fascist AFD party in Cologne, Germany today.


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#Antifa #Disrupt2017 – Confronting Fascism: Documents for a Militant Movement.

In times where fascism is on the rise around the globe its about time to spread discussion documents about how to fight against fascism. Free online edition of Confronting Fascism: Documents for a Militant Movement.


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#J20 #J21 European ENF Fascists Will Come To #Koblenz: #Antifa Announced Counter Protests

​The fascist ENF (Europe of Nations and Freedom) group, the fascist group in European Parliament, will organise an event in Koblenz, Germany on January 21. Antifa groups announced counter protests.

Submitted to Enough is Enough

The ENF group in European parliament consists of 39 MEP’s from the National Front (FN, France), Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ, Austria), Flemish Interest (VB, Belgium), Alternative For Germany (AFD, Germany), Northern League (LN, Italy), Party For Freedom (PVV, Netherlands), Congress for the New Right (KNP, Poland) and 2 independent members from Romania and the UK. 

Marcus Pretzell MEP for German AFD is pushing the cooperation between European fascists. According to German daily newspaper “Rhein-Zeitung” up to 1000 people will attend the ENF event on January 21 in the Rhein-Mosel-Halle in Koblenz, Germany. Apart from Pretzell, FN leader Marine Le Pen will likely also speak at the fascist event.

One year ago AFD’s Pretzell organised a similar event in Düsseldorf, Germany. During last years event an alliance between German AFD and Austrian FPÖ was agreed upon, called the “blue alliance”. One of the goals of the event on January 21 could be a similar alliance between the AFD and the French FN. 

Counter protests

Antifa groups are mobilising for counter protests in Koblenz. On the day anti-fascists in the US take the streets to disrupt Donald Trump’s inauguration, January 20th, there will be a pre-demo in Koblenz. Antifa groups will turn on the bass during this demo to “base the fascists out!” This demo will start at 07:00pm (CET) at Koblenz main train station (Hbf).

The Antifa Koblenz ask people to come already at January 20th, so people can start fresh and early with counter protests at January 21th. If you need a place to sleep or if you have logistical questions please write an email to Antifa Koblenz: Dont forget to write how much sleeping places are needed.

Here you will find the PGP key of the email adress above.

No Pasaran for European Fascists! 

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#NoAFD Federal Party Convent of Fascist AFD: #Maritim Hotel Deletes Criticizing Comments

The Facebook page administrators of the Maritim hotel in Cologne, Germany have a lot of work ahead of them these days. After it was announced that the next federal party convent of the German fascist AFD party will take place on April 22nd and 23th in the Maritim hotel at Heumarkt in Cologne, many people from Cologne and hotel guests complained on the Facebook page of the hotel.

Originally posted by Köln gegen Rechts, edited and translated by Riot Turtle  for Enough is Enough.

In many postings, people expressed their lack of understanding of why the Cologne Maritim hotel will host the federal party convent of the racist AFD party.

Many business customers announced they will not come to the Maritim hotel anymore. There were several comments on the Maritim Cologne Facebook page that there are many CSD and carnival events taking place in the hotel. People wrote that these events are a blatant contrast to the AFD party convent.

The management of the Cologne Maritim hotel do not answer the critical comments on their Facebook page. Instead they have the administrators delete these comments. But new criticizing comments are posted over and over again.

Similar critical comments were also posted on hotel rating websites, some of the comments were blocked by the Maritim hotel. We assume that many foreign guests of the Maritim hotel will not like the xenophobic bating of the AFD. We will try to find out what they think of the fact that the AFD can spread their propaganda from the Maritim hotel in Cologne.

The Maritim hotel chain, headquartered in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, has hosted many AFD events like party convents, election parties and discussions about the party program in the past years.

There were AFD events in the Maritim hotels in Bremen, Stuttgart, Berlin, Gelsenkirchen, Lübeck, Braunlage but also in Cologne. A simple Google search brought several hits. The Maritim hotel management did not react and has rejected protests against the hosting of AFD events in their hotels.

We are curious how long the management of Maritim will ignore these kind of protests.

We hope that many people will continue to express theis displeasure about the decision of the Maritim hotel to host the AFD federal party convent.

They can do this at the following adresses:

Website Maritim Hotel Cologne

Facebook page Maritim hotel Cologne

Hotel ranking websites:



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#Antifa 2017: We Need To Talk!

The political landscape has changed drastically in recent years. Racist and fascist parties and movements are growing, and in a few EU member states they are even in power. Trump is president-elect in the USA. What are we going to do about it?

Written by Riot Turtle for Enough is Enough.

The election of Trump could help speed-up the rise of fascist parties and movements around the world. The former chief of Breitbart News, Steve Bannon, a anti-semite and racist, is now chief of strategy in the White House. Breitbart News has already announced they will open branches in France and Germany to support the fascist Front National and AFD in these key EU member states. There will be elections in both countries this year.

While Trump wants to build a wall at the Mexican border, EU border policies have already killed tens of thousands of refugees in the Mediterranean sea. More and more fences are being built at the borders of EU member states, thousands of refugees are stuck in Greece and living under inhuman conditions. Cops in Cologne, Germany checked the ID’s of 1700 people on New Years Eve, selecting people on the basis of their color of skin (in a “stop and frisk” fashion similar to what the NYPD do to black people in New York City. 

While many people in Germany approved of the massive racist police operation in Cologne – including leading politicians of the German Green Party – nobody asked for more protection of refugees, although refugees in Germany are attacked by white fascists every day. In 2016, there were more than 900 attacks against refugees and refugee shelters in Germany. More than 100 of these attacks were arson attacks. 

The fascists have recently been successful in changing views and winning debates. Racist views are regularly broadcasted in prime time TV talkshows in countries like Germany and the USA.

Terrorist violence against minorities is treated as a non-issue by German society. This is the solid basis for a shift in government policies against minorities. Apart from government policies against refugees in EU member states, anti-semitism, which never disappeared, is also growing again. Sinti und Roma are also still victims of massive discrimination and is accepted by large parts of European societies.

This is not new, but the intensity is. More and more people in Germany consider anti-fascist views to be views of naive “Gutmenschen”, a word which was often used by Goebels in the 1930’s. The fascist Pegida movement outnumber anti-fascist counter protesters every Monday in Dresden, Germany, and the elections in France and Germany could change the political landscape for many years with conservative parties taking over parts of the racist programs of the fascist Front National and AFD.

The situation in Europe, the massive influence of the EU and the USA on world affairs, the election of Trump, and the popularity of policies put forth by people like Putin show that things are not looking good for anti-fascists. So where do we stand, and what are we going to do? First of all, we want to make clear  that we are aware of the fact that there are many people who continue to fight against fascism and racism. There are many great projects and actions happening. But we are losing ground – and we have to discuss our goals, strategy, tactics and unity.

In countries like Germany, parts of the anti-fascist movement have succumbed to a subculture, and there have been similar developments in other countries. I have nothing against subcultures but, antifascists should know that subcultures are often closed. This subculture has its own music and fashion, even it’s own fashion labels. In some autonomous- and social centers you will see lots of people at parties who you will never ever see at a political action. 

A few years ago I heard a conversation in an autonomous center in Germany which made very clear why the movement is getting smaller and smaller. Somebody came into the bar of this autonomous center and was interested in political discussions and actions. One of the people in the bar said:”Hey your not wearing black, what are you doing here?”  It was made very clear that this person was not welcome, without even speaking with her. Just because she looked different. Of course this is an exception, but it wasn’t the only time that I heard this kind of talk and had to start a long conversation. Some people seem to have forgotten that Black Bloc is a tactic and not a fashion statement.

Its often difficult to discuss the dangers of a dead end subculture. People who speak about this are often defamed and called disrupters, this doesnt help create an honest self criticism about the dangers of subcultures. In Spain and Greece there are some good examples of autonomous- and social centers which are open for all people and have strong support in the neighbourhoods where they are based. In these social centers you will not hear discussions like the one above. It was this open concept that was the basis as activists resquatted the Can Vies social center in Barcelona. The whole neighbourhood took the street.

So there are some good examples how an open movement can build up a solid basis to resist capitalist projects. In order to be able to fight more effectivly  against the growing fascist movements this is exactly what we need. We need to come out of our subcultural safe zones and get into the neighbourhoods. 

We need to stop the sectarianism. We need to start looking what we have common, instead of just looking on our differences. That wont be easy, but its necessary to unite against the fascists much more than we do now. Without coalitions between different antifascist groups, we will surely lose this fight.

We need to discuss how we will fight capitalism and fascism and what kind of vision and solutions we have. Not just in our social centers, but also in the streets and squares of our neighbourhoods. We need to solve problems in the neighbourhoods. For example: In Amsterdam there was a collective called “Tegengas” (counter gas) in the 1980’s. This collective illegally connected peoples homes to the gas- and electricity network again when corporations had cut them off because they couldn’t pay the bill. They also spread a lot of flyers in these neighbourhoods explaining the role of the energy corporations in society. Many people listened to and supported them because they combined political action with practical support.

Its good to block fascist gatherings and we should continue to do so, but its not decisive. We need to win the hearts and minds of people. We need good media, and people to spread information in the neighbourhoods, blogs, but also in social networks. Even when we oppose corporations like Facebook, we cant leave Facebook to the fascists, who are using it very effectively. 

We need groups that defend neighbourhoods against fascist attacks, but also points where people can report discrimination in the neighbourhoods or state- and other offices. 

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These are just some thoughts and will hopefully start a debate about how to improve the struggle against capitalism and fascism. You can submit your contribution to the debate here: