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New Zine: Anarchy In A Small Pond

This new zine published in Kingston, Ontario discusses both the challenges and advantages of being an anarchist in smaller places.

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New Anarchist Podcast “From Embers”

From Embers is a new anarchist podcast out of Kingston, Ontario. A few times a month, we post episodes about actions and projects going on in so-called Canada that inspire us, or about topics that we think will be relevant to anarchists living north of the border.

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All Out Against Fascism: #Toronto anti-PEGIDA rally

Call by the Toronto General Defense Committee (GDC) and Toronto Against Fascism to oppose the far-Right and Islamophobic group, PEGIDA.

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#Hamilton #Ontario: Corporate Suits Fail to Intimidate Rent Strikers

Rent strikers in Hamilton, Ontario were not intimidated when corporate suits showed up at their door demanding rent.

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#Hamilton Tower Defence: Holding space against the far-right

Ontario: On Sunday, March 25th, various far-right groups from South-Western Ontario organized what they called a “Patriot Walk” up Locke St. in Hamilton. This was ostensibly a show of support for small businesses on the street who had their facades shattered during a mini-riot a couple of weeks earlier. The far-right hoped to capitalize on bourgeois outrage in Hamilton to put forward their ultra-nationalist form of anti-leftism, but their internal disfunction and overall shittiness, along with antifascists in the area being on point, led them to failure at every step of the way. 

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#Hamilton: What Are We Fighting For?

I rarely read fiction. I regret that truth and so every few months, when I get given a book of dystopian sci-fi or imaginative history, I stumble through it halfheartedly. I know that fiction has a lot to offer in terms of expanding our realm of possibility, of inspiring creation of new worlds. Someone near and dear to me once advocated for changing my reading habits by explaining that non-fiction changes what we know but fiction changes how we think. And yet, I find myself falling back into the practical guides for non-monogamy, the exposés of political corruption, the treatises on decolonial feminism. I’m driven by the internal desire to dismantle systems of dominance and hierarchy. If I can learn enough about them, maybe I’ll be better equipped to aid in their destruction. Theory to practice to theory to practice.

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#Hamilton #Ontario: Fascists show up for donuts, run away from antifascists!

Hamilton Against Fascism is thrilled to announce that the fascist “Patriot March” on Locke Street (on March 25, EiE) was a complete and utter failure. The fascists -Soldiers of Odin, Proud Boys, and III% among them- were unable to march on Locke Street, and those that did show up ran away shortly after. Faced by a large and militant opposition consisting of Hamilton Against Fascism and our community allies including the Revolutionary Communist Party, Muslim Association of Hamilton, and Hamilton & District Labour Council, the fascists were wildly outnumbered.

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#Ontario KW: Unpopular Anarchist Thoughts: Some reflections on the actions to oppose Faith Goldy at WLU

On Tuesday March 20th the Laurier Student for Open Inquiry, headed by recent alt-right darling Lindsay Shephard (who you may remember from Laurier’s previous row about ‘free speech’), attempted to host a talk by white supremacist Faith Goldy. There have been reports of local alt-right students and activists in attendance, a showing of the Proud Boys (who recently attempted to hold a rally in Brantford), George Hutchinson who was pushing the ‘white students union’ drivel, and perhaps even some members of Operation Werewolf, who are explicit in their refusal of political correctness and equality, and whose slogan “Iron and Blood,” imagery and history scream neo-fascism.

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#Hamilton #Ontario: Locke Street Anti-Fascist Counter-Rally

A collection of anti-immigrant and alt-right hate groups – Soldiers of Odin, the Proud Boys, and the III% “Militia” among them – are planning a “Patriot Walk on Locke”. They’re hoping to cast themselves as more than the racist, xenophobic goons they are by capitalizing on public sympathy for Locke Street. We won’t let them!

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Neither Carrot Nor Stick: Still refusing to vote in the #Ontario election

Against all expectations, the Ontario provincial election is shaping up to be politically interesting. I don’t ever vote and I encourage others to also abandon any remaining faith in electoral democracy. If you don’t care much about which party leads the province, since you intend to oppose them no matter what, you don’t need to pay attention to the details of party politics. However, in Ontario, the argument in favour of voting has seldom been stronger. Doug Ford is an ideal right-wing bogeyman, giving centrists and leftists a source of fear and guilt to coerce those who have abandoned electoralism into casting a ballot for a lesser evil. And at the same time, the Ontario NDP finally tries to distinguish themselves from the Liberals on the left by including free dental care in their platform, which, if implemented, would undeniably make lots of people’s lives better (including the cavity-plagued anarchist writing this text).

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