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For Osvaldo Bayer

… libertarian socialism is the way…or as I prefer to say, libertarian solidarism, that’s where we can find the essence of a better world, the essence of a society formed from the grass roots up, through the people’s discussion, the protagonism of the people. That is the most beautiful poem of all…Now, we have to be practical but one can think that finally, after so many problems, humanity’s going to start to think and … the only way is by the people being the protagonists within an enormous mutuality…

Osvaldo Bayer

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#RIP Anarchist Historian Osvaldo Bayer

Argentinian anarchist historian and author, Osvaldo Bayer, passed away yesterday, December 24th 2018. He was well known for writing ‘Rebellion in Patagonia’ and “The Anarchist Expropriators.”

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