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#Lampedusa: Repression Against Life-Savers

Italian coastguards seized a refugee rescue boat operated by German aid group”Jugend Rettet e.V.” in the Mediterranean earlier today. After several European interior ministers started to criminalize life-savers in the past week with ridiculous claims that life-savers on the Mediterranean are working together with human trafficers, an Italian prosecuter ordered to search and seize the rescue boat Iuventa. 


Image: The Iuventa. Image by Jugend Rettet e.V. Facebook page.

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#OverTheFortress: Border Deaths in #Ventimiglia

Only a few months have passed since the closure of the French border at Ventimiglia, but the decision has already caused 12 fatal accidents. Drowned, run over, fallen, and electrocuted, migrants keep dying in their attempts to cross the border or get lost and hurt themselves in dangerous places. This is the first of three reportages by Michele Luppi and Andrea Quadroni about border deaths and includes an interactive map of the places where they have been killed.


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Stop Deportations demo in Dresden, Germany


About 1000 people protested against the deportation of refugees by the German government. Today’s demo took place in Dresden, home base of the xenophobic Pegida movement. On December 14th, the German government began to deport Afghan refugees.

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