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The 150th Anniversary of the Paris Commune: A Call from the Gilets Jaunes of Montreuil

France. A call by the Yellow vests of Montreuil:  long live the Commune, and long live the Gilets Jaunes/Yellow Vests!!

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#France: Politics as the construction of a security state

France. A piece about the so-called “Global Security Law” and the protests against this new law.

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#Paris – Let’s take the streets on #MayDay!

The curfew in France is much more restrictive than in this country [Germany, Enough 14]. Since yesterday there is a call to gather in Paris on May 1st at 10:00 a.m. at the Place de la République. “Capitalism is the virus. The revolution is the medicine”

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I will not applaud

A short text from France about applauding in times of the coronavirus: “I will not applaud.”

Originally published by Paris-Luttes. Translated by Enough 14.

I will not applaud disaster.

The spectacle is over and has never started.

I will not applaud with those who destroyed everything we are, everything we care about most.

I will leave the applauding to the dictatorships, hatred and soldiers.

These are men and women, not warriors, these are people doing their job.

We owe them a lot. Much more than applause.

We owe them life, we owe them hope. We owe them a different future..

It is no longer about parades behind balloons and self-proclaimed leaders.

It is about life, the bitter struggle to save it, to tear it away from the murderers who rule us.

The war is for the powerful, the struggle is for the oppressed.

I will not applaud barbarism in action, but I will not separate myself from those who applaud.

Our neighbours, our friends, our companions, all across the globe.

It is not a question of dividing, it is a question of not being confused with their words, their orders and their heroes.

I cannot say bravo to a woman or a man who announces death and saves a life at the same time.

All I can do is keep quiet and keep my anger at bay. To share it more effectively.

I understand helplessness, I understand uncertainty, fear.

I understand the applause in its most fragile form.

I won’t understand cowardice.

I won’t understand the afterwards, there won’t be any, there mustn’t be any. We don’t need an after, we need forever.

Always remember, always dream, always listen, always bring them to their knees.

All of them.

One by one and say: “(…) no one will ever be free as long as there are plagues” [1].

F., April, 15, 2020


[1] Albert Camus in The Plague

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#Paris, March 29: The first time I was checked under confinement rules

Paris. March 29, 2020. I [ 1 ] share an account of my first control under confinement rules in Paris. I hope to read others, so that we have a better idea of what margins of maneuver we still have in this new normality.

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French territory: The strike must spread

French territory. The movement was able to last over time. It was possible to spend the Christmas holidays with an ever-growing mobilization. This is obviously a good sign, but it is still insufficient in the current balance of power. There is only one solution left: to extend the strike.

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“An impressive day” – review of the strike and demonstration in #Paris on December 5

Last Thursday, around 1 million people in France took part in nationwide demonstrations against the government’s plans to “reform” the pension system, i.e. raising the age of entry and cut pensions. (1) Only members of the police are to be excluded, as the government stated just before the 5th of December, after trade union representatives of the cops had declared that they also wanted to take part in the protests. Work stoppages occurred mainly in the public sector, train cancellations of the state railways were high, metros were rare in the Paris metropolitan area and many bus lines were also cancelled. Flight operations were also disrupted. There were also extensive work stoppages among teachers and health workers, who have been fighting for months for better working conditions and better pay. In the private sector, there were hardly any strike actions, but since Thursday, work has been suspended in the majority of the major oil refineries, here the majority of the workers are organized in the CGT and the workforces are one of the last bastions of the classic, militant working class. At the same time, roads and roundabouts have been blocked nationwide, although to a much lesser extent compared to the beginnings of the Gilets Jaunes movement.

A review of the first big day of action and the attack on the new “pension reform” from the point of view of a participant.

This is a translation of the German version which was translated by Sebastian Lotzer. The original report was published by Paris-Luttes.

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#Paris: Call for an internationalist bloc at demo on the first day of unlimited strike

Paris. Shortly after the historic and almost total strike of September 13 at RATP, five unions – UNSA (majoritaire section), CFE-CGC (executives), FO, Sud RATP ( ousted from Solidaires), and Solidaires RATP – signed a joint statement calling for an unlimited strike as of December 5. Unlimited. Since then, there have been dozens of calls for renewal in all sectors, public and private. The Gilets Jaunes and students announced that they will join the actions. On December 5 there will be an internationalist block at the strike demo in Paris. What follows is the call for the internationalist bloc.

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#GiletsJaunes: A strategic essay on the weekend of November 16/17 in #Paris

For the coming weekend, the Gilets Jaunes are mobilizing nationwide to Paris to mark the first anniversary of the beginning of their movement. The Gilets Jaunes have announced actions on the Champs Elysees, occupations, spontaneous demos,…

In Nov/Dec last year, the state apparatus was repeatedly surprised, the most noble districts of the city centre were devastated, luxury shops and jewellery shops were looted (jewellery worth 2 million was stolen from Dior alone), and police units were forced to flee in many places. Here now the translation of the considerations of some Gilets Jaunes, which were originally published on Paris Luttes Infos and translated in German by Sebastian Lotzer. We translated his translation into English.

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