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#Hamburg, #Germany: Back on the park bench

Hamburg. Germany. Since the beginning of July 2019, two people have been held on remand in Holstenglacis prison in Hamburg. Together with one other person they were arrested on the night of July 8, 2019 while sitting on a park bench. According to the media, the three are accused of carrying flammable liquids and the preparation of criminal acts. On July 10, two of the arrested persons were subsequently remanded in custody. The third person was let out again under conditions. The court sentenced the three companions to prison terms without suspended sentences earlier this week. The two companions, who had been in pre-trial detention for 16 months until the sentences were pronounced, were sentenced to 22 and 19 months, and the companion, who was subject to reporting requirements, to 20 months. All three are free now, that is, the two imprisoned companions were released from prison. What follows is a statement by the three comrades.

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