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#Italy: From #Macerata to #Piacenza: #Antifa’s are Unwilling to Delegate, and Counter-Attack!

Last week in Italy there was a strong antifascist reaction in the streets of dozens of cities after the terrorist attack in Macerata (Marche) by Luca Traini, a Lega xenophobic party militant who shot and injured six black-skin people as a kind of vigilante revenge against other crimes occurred there. With rampant media overexposure of far-rightist messages also by traditionalist Forza Nuova and neofascist CasaPound parties – in a context where racism and borders are largely deployed by the Government against migrants and poor people – over two hundreds of demonstrations in a week show a way to start a new long-term general struggle against supremacism and fascist ideology in the crisis. Here is the translation of our (Infoaut) statement about the demonstrations all over the country last Saturday.

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