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Solidarity Action in #Dortmund, #Germany for Arrestees in #Belarus

The biggest protests in years took place in dictatorial Belarus. They were caused by a new law, forcing every who has not been working for at least 6 months in one year to pay a “tax”. With this “tax” of 180 €, the government wants to finance healthcare and education. The average income in Belarus is 200-300 €. Because of the protests, the dictator Lukaschenko promised to suspend this “tax” for another year. Still the protests are going on. It is not only about this new law, it is about the dismissal of Lukaschenko. The government took over 160 journalists, anarchists, politicians of the opposition and demonstrantors in custody or imposed a fine on them. Every day more people are facing repression.


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#Belarus: Dozens of Anarchists Arrested in #Minsk After Anti-Government Protests

As we reported on Tuesday, in the past weeks Belarus saw the biggest protests in the last 10 years. Yesterday people in Belarus protested again in 3 cities. Many people were arrested.


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Biggest Protests in #Belarus in the Last 10 Years

In Belarus the last weeks people took to the streets to fight the law against social parasitism – law that was signed by dictator Lukashenko in 2015, but started troubling population only at the beginning of the 2017. Thousands took to the streets in Minsk, Brest, Gomel and many other smaller cities all around the country, to show their discontent with the law and the current regime. The protests seems to have little influence from “official” opposition- instead of that people previously not involved in the politics are organizing together. In several places anarchist played quite a big role in the protests. Last week belarusian government started repressions against those on the streets – up until now over 48 people were detained and prosecuted for different violations.


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