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#Antifa: Redneck Revolt leads charge against Nazis in #Chattanooga

Who you gonna call when Nazis strike on your campus? When Vanguard America propaganda was plastered over Black History Month displays on the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga campus on Feb. 7, an anonymous community member immediately alerted Chattanooga Redneck Revolt (Warning, both are Facebook links).

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Reportback #Charlottesville by Redneck Revolt

The situation on the ground in Charlottesville, Virginia, is still developing and unstable, but a few of our Redneck Revolt members on the ground took some time to provide the following reportback. We (redneck Revolt) will continue to share updates as they’re available.


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Reportback: Phoenix Maga March

On March 25th, Phoenix John Brown Gun Club sent an open carry community defense contingent to the Make America Great Again rally at the Arizona State Capitol. We carried in formation with an armed contingent of the Arizona Brown Berets, and in solidarity with Anti-Fascist Action Phoenix.


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