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On the Local Uprisings: Containment in #Houston, #Texas

“But repression does not always come dressed up in riot gear, or breaking into offices in the middle of the night. It also comes in the form of the friendly “neighborhood liaison” officer, the advisory boards to local police departments, and the social scientist hired on as a consultant. Repression is, first and foremost, a matter of politics: it is the means the state uses to protect itself from political challenges, the methods it employs to preserve its authority and continue its rule. This process does not solely rely on force, but also mobilizes ideology, material incentives, and, in short, all of the tools and techniques of statecraft. We have to understand repression as involving both coercion and concessions, employing violence and building support, weeding opposition and seeding legitimacy. That is the basis of the counterinsurgency approach.”

Kristian Williams
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Out of State, Out of Mind: Media Narratives and the Recent Protest Movement

Paid organizers for the communists are only trying to get good negroes in trouble. Alabama is a good place for good negroes to live in, but it is a bad place for negroes who believe in SOCIAL EQUALITY.” If you updated the language and added some flavor-of-the-day woke terminology to these sentences from a 1930s pamphlet, they wouldn’t look out-of-place on a pundit’s Twitter feed these past few weeks. Recently, every esteemed media progressive has responded to the protests erupting throughout the country with all the support and promises to “listen” that you would expect, but with the condition that things remain peaceful. Such ruling-class demand for the perfect “peaceful” protest has led to denunciations of those that don’t as “agitators” and “looters”. As you may have guessed, the sentences in the aforementioned pamphlet are followed by “The Ku Klux Klan is watching you. TAKE HEED”. This matter is worth exploring.

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