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#Coronavirus and Climate Change. Or, in simpler words, #Capitalism

The widespread spread of the Coronavirus, which started in one city in China and spread rapidly throughout the planet, had at least the merit of making everyone understand what climate change had made few people understand. And that is that we all live on the same planet. The problems can in no way be circumscribed by borders that only exist for politics. Nor can they be militarized. Not even by building walls. The world is one and humanity, beyond any nationalist rhetoric, is also one. All the peoples of the world are interconnected. And so is the economy, culture, thought, migration, problems and emergencies such as this pandemic that has spread rapidly from China to the whole world. But not only all humanity is interconnected. We are also interconnected with the environment around us. As Ferdinand de Saussure said, “Tout se tient”, everything is connected. This is the first commandment of modern ecology.

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