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#GiletsJaunes: Report, photos and videos of #ActeX in #Rouen

French territory: For the fifth consecutive Saturday, the yellow vests of 76 and 27 decided to demonstrate in Rouen. This is the tenth act of mobilization and the attendance does not wane in the streets of the city.

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#JusticePourTheo #PasdeJusticePasDePaix 13 Nights of Revolt in #France & No End In Sight

Last night people in several french cities took the streets again to protest against police violence and justice for Theo. Clashes were reported from Barbes, Rouen, Argenteuil and Menilmontant. It was the 13th night in a row that people protested against police violence in France. Theo was beaten and raped by cops in Aulnay Sous Bois on the second of February. There are calls for new demonstrations today. We publish an overview of protests that are announced for today and the coming days.

Image: Rouen, France last night.

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