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Giorgio Agamben: Social Distancing

Been turned around till I’m upside down

Been all at sea until I’ve drowned

And I’ve felt torture, I’ve felt pain

Just like that film with Michael Caine

The Godfathers

The flu is more dangerous, Robert Koch Institute [1] relativizing danger of coronavirus. (27.01.2020). Nobody plans to impose a curfew, it is fake news, the Federal Ministry of Health (14.03.2020). Germany is not planning to impose a mask compulsory at present, Federal Minister of Health Spahn (31.03.2020).

War is peace! Freedom is slavery! Ignorance is strength!

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Giorgio Agamben: Reflections on the plague

Sebastian Lotzer

let’s start here. because everything else wouldn’t make sense. let’s talk about here. our powerlessness, our lack of perspective. our hollow words, our empty gestures. let’s talk about the smile that has disappeared from our faces, let’s talk about the gray that has eaten its way deep into our souls. let’s talk about the monotony of our political discussions. let’s talk about the fact that we don’t believe our own promises anymore. let’s talk about the fact that we can only somehow hold on without any prospect of change.

winter is coming – 2018
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The Emerging #Pandemic Fascism – Fragments of Dissonance

Germany. March 27, 2020. A police van in every park in Berlin. The crew watches every activity of those who dared to venture into the spring sun with suspicion. Three children playing football are a reason to intervene. It was years ago that we learned that from three upwards you are a terrorist organisation.

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Insurrection in times of the #Coronavirus

Now, finally, that destabilizing event that could block the capitalist system has arrived. And unlike what we imagined, the cause is not the action of a group of revolutionaries or a social group of a territory or even a population in revolt. The event originates in the capitalist body itself and spreads within it at the same speed as a virus spreads in an organic body, blocking various functions of the system.

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#Bologna in times of the #Coronavirus – The Wu Ming Diary

For some time now I have felt the need for a healthy distance (what a euphemism these days) from most of what is called the radical left in this country. After Chemnitz, after Halle, after Hanau, I was struck by deep shame when I attended those compulsory exercises which, free from hatred and honest grief, meandered through the “scene districts”, leaving nothing behind but a short report in the regional news, so on the evening of February 19 I noticed for the first time that the whole affair started to disgust me.

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March 14 – #Paris: If we all storm forward, the king will fall

Paris. French territory.

UPDATE: We added the Brilliant mobilisation video with English subtitles. A new start up. Tirelessly. Demo, blockade, riot, strike. Tear gas, rubber bullets and offensive grenades. Thousands of lawsuits, hundreds in jail. When this civilization is on its last legs, everyone will remember these days, weeks, months. No matter what the outcome will be. Black Rock or us. There’s nothing in between. The laws of capital or a world made by people for people. Macron will fall, one way or another. But the circumstances of his fall will determine the course of history. A call from france:

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#France: Autonomy and mass movement

The movement against the French government’s plans to “reform” the pension system continues over the Christmas holidays. On Christmas Eve, for example, there was only one train from Berlin to Paris due to the work stoppages. Within the antagonistic and radical parts of the movement, starting from the experiences of the social protests and movements of the last few years and taking into account the changes that the Gilets Jaunes movement has introduced into the forms of social conflictuality, the character and the way forward in the current phase of the struggle is being discussed. The text ‘Autonomy and Mass Movement’ is a product of these discussions.

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“An impressive day” – review of the strike and demonstration in #Paris on December 5

Last Thursday, around 1 million people in France took part in nationwide demonstrations against the government’s plans to “reform” the pension system, i.e. raising the age of entry and cut pensions. (1) Only members of the police are to be excluded, as the government stated just before the 5th of December, after trade union representatives of the cops had declared that they also wanted to take part in the protests. Work stoppages occurred mainly in the public sector, train cancellations of the state railways were high, metros were rare in the Paris metropolitan area and many bus lines were also cancelled. Flight operations were also disrupted. There were also extensive work stoppages among teachers and health workers, who have been fighting for months for better working conditions and better pay. In the private sector, there were hardly any strike actions, but since Thursday, work has been suspended in the majority of the major oil refineries, here the majority of the workers are organized in the CGT and the workforces are one of the last bastions of the classic, militant working class. At the same time, roads and roundabouts have been blocked nationwide, although to a much lesser extent compared to the beginnings of the Gilets Jaunes movement.

A review of the first big day of action and the attack on the new “pension reform” from the point of view of a participant.

This is a translation of the German version which was translated by Sebastian Lotzer. The original report was published by Paris-Luttes.

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Hong Kong: Water, fire and the wind – The battle for #PolyU

The following report on the siege and battle of the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, written by the “Cafardnaüm Collective”, describes the events of November 14-19, 2019 and is as impressive as it is poetic, testifying to the ingenuity and determination of the occupiers. In other words, it may do justice to the dimensions of the event. A German version appeared on Non Copy Riot, from which this analogous translation was made.

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