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Self-Managed Social Center Perasma [Greece]

In 2016, after the self-dissolution of the “Self-managed social center” collectivity, which had the political responsibility for 18 years of the space that had the same name with the collectivity, people and groups who had developed political and social relations within the “Self-managed social center” during its years of operation decided to establish a new public space of the leftish movement with the name “Self-managed Social Center Perasma“. In this social center political/social collectivities with references to social anarchy and libertarian communism, collectivities around gender, patriarchy and anti-sexism, self-education groups, group for art from below and structures, meet together (radio, lending library, bookstore, space for the distribution of cooperative products and basic goods without mediators, in direct contact and communication with producers who do not work in the opposite direction to our basic principles).

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