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The dark century of Elsa Morante and Elena Ferrante [Part 1]

This is an in-depth essay about the works of Elsa Morante and Elena Ferrante, specifically La Storia and The Neapolitan Quartet. Between these five novels, the entire twentieth century is stripped bare, revealing a horrible darkness we are still barely emerging from. While reading any further might lead to some spoilers, these books are too rich to taint with my basic overview, which will dwell on the anarchism, history, celebrity, and anonymity of these Italian authors, one who is far better known than the other. Just like Elsa Morante, I write these words for those who can’t read, the illiterate.

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War isn’t funny: A comedy of errors

If everyone fought for their own convictions, there would be no war.

Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

Hey. Are you there? It’s me, Barabule Cuterescu, the Molodvan peasant, your humble potato. This will be my fourth dispatch from northeastern Romania, and to be totally fucking honest, it could very well be my last. If you’ve been reading these horrible diatribes of mine, you might remember me making some wise-crack about little green Russian men running around our corn-fields if Putin invades Romania. Well, turns out that shit isn’t funny, and it’s not what I imagined. It’s not going to be Russian tanks plowing through our fields. It’ll be all of NATO rushing to the front lines. I’m serious.

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Guerrilla Bay Area: On The Endless Crimewave

It’s been building for a while, this feeling that the world is ours. Hard to say exactly when it started, but we’ll just declare the summer of 2020 is when it cracked wide open, for everyone. There were protests, marching in the street, waiting for jury verdicts, but then there was also looting, lots of looting. In fact, there was way more looting than symbolic protests, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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#Oakland, #California: Election night crime wave

Oakland. CA. On Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, an unexpected crime wave spread across Oakland, a violent series of encounters that took place while thousand of liberals were glued to their screens, eager to find out which elderly, white male rapist would be coronated this January 2021. The police were prepared for riots in the case that Trump won the election, an outcome that became increasingly distant as the night dragged on. With all their resources concentrated downtown, the police were caught with their pants down when roving caravans of cars engaged in a crime-wave that spanned almost nine miles. In their desperation, the police gunned down a 20 year old father named Jonathan Torres Ramirez, a cold-blooded murder that was quickly buried under a mountain of election propaganda. Had there been thousands of people rioting downtown, this shooting could have possibly been avoided, but as it turned out, all those angry thousands were at home watching a pointless charade transpire across all levels of modern media. At the end of it all, a young man is dead, and the worst part is that few people even know it happened. Those who cannot help but remember are his family, his friends, and his community.

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Uprising against #Amazon: A chronology

Now that we’re in the midst of a new uprising, the editors found it appropriate to remind our readers that Amazon is still as powerful as ever in the US, even more so because of the COVID-19 lock-down. With thousands of businesses shuttered under government orders, Amazon has filled this supply gap and gobbled up even more consumers into its Prime empire. As you might expect, Jeff Bezos has done everything in his power to not only keep his Amazon fulfillment centers open during the quarantine, but to endanger the lives of everyone who works there. Despite his pledges of new safety measures, Bezos continues to repress any organized resistance in his warehouses or Whole Food grocery stores, fueling a backlash that we will now attempt to describe.

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Los Angeles: The Miraculous North East Militia

Just northeast of downtown Los Angeles is the neighborhood of Highland Park, currently the target of blatant gentrification. According to most people, the completion of the Metro Gold Line in 2003 was the first step in this process, although it took years to feel the effects. Few people rode the Metro into the Highland Park station and most commuters just went between downtown and the end of the line. After the economic recession hit in 2008, the gentrification of Highland Park truly began, just as it did in a dozen other major cities. With thousands losing their houses to foreclosure, greedy speculators and house flippers soon moved in to restructure the neighborhood and alter its population.

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The Savage Beauty of the Ukranian Anarchists

It’s not surprising no one heard about this. On October 27, 2019, a group of anarchists crept through the night in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk and placed an explosive device beneath a mobile cell-tower. It was detonated remotely, nobody was injured, and the tower was completely destroyed. In a leaflet scattered after the bombing, the anarchists explain that “this was done to draw the attention to the inhuman tortures in the basements of the MGB (Ministry of State Security of “Donbass People’s Republic”). Abuses and tortures with electric wires in the “people’s” republics has become an everyday normality.” Undoubtedly, the Russian FSB assumed these anarchists were CIA agents. However much they might wish this to be true, they’re incorrect. The bombers were indeed anarchists.

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The Great Anarchist Conspiracy

We ( The Cinema Committee) are happy to present our latest work, The Great Anarchist Conspiracy, a documentary that charts anarchism’s resilient survival from the 1890s all the way up the 1970s. The fact that you are reading this, and are most likely an anarchist, is proof that our international movement has survived every attempt to crush it. Against impossible odds, and without wielding state power, the anarchist movement continues to spread across the planet, even as you read this.

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Recent Agitprop Against #Amazon in #Seattle

Construction noises ring out all through the night around Amazon HQ1 in Seattle. Lonely janitors scrub and mop the surfaces of the Amazon Spheres, locally known as the Bezos Ballz. While they are paid 15-20 dollars an hours, well-paid Amazon executives cruise out of their parking garages in Teslas, Porches, and Lamborghinis. Their 100K a year underlings file through the glass doors and wait for the shuttle back to their luxury apartment. In an unseen jungle camp far away from HQ1, a homeless person dies every two days. In January 2018 alone, 16 people have lost their lives on the streets of Seattle. Jeff Bezos is still the richest man on earth.

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