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# Aotearoa (so-called #NewZealand) – Not Voting: “Unhelpful & extreme”?

So-called New Zealand. February 12, 2020. This year Aotearoa will be experiencing an election. The various political parties will be expecting people to vote for them and many will.

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Corbyn and the #UK Election; A New Day For Electoralism? 

The recent UK election handed the socialist leaning Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn a minor though not insignificant victory. Once again many on the left are discussing the tactic and value of strategies focused on voting and electoral change and advocates for this are eager to present the moment as a major break through. But we think it’s important to understand the counter arguments and especially given the recent memory of Syriza in Greece – the “Coalition of the Radical Left Party” which ran on a platform of anti-austerity and once in power quickly caved in to demands from the EU and bankers. This article is by our comrades with the Workers Solidarity Movement in Ireland

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