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The position of a group of belarusian anarchists in Warsaw on the war in Ukraine

After February 24, among ourselves and with comrades from different countries, we often discuss the situation Europe found itself in. Why did the war start? How has it changed the political prospects of the region and, in particular, Belarus? How do we feel about NATO? Is it possible, while remaining anarchists, to serve in the state armed forces? Finally, what should we do in the context of the war, being part of the diaspora in Poland? We have come up with a collective position on these and other issues, which are outlined in the following text.

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#Warsaw, #Poland: Queer attack against homophobes

Warsaw. Poland. Saturday afternoon around 3pm (27.06) a van belonging to a homophobic foundation, that goes around the city of Warsaw spreading hatespeech (like announcing the supposed link between sexual education, homosexuality and child-abuse) got stopped by a group of queer rebels and anarchist friends in front of squatted autonomous social center in the very center of the city.

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#Warsaw, #Poland: #Syrena Squat Threatened With Eviction

Warsaw. poland. March 13, 2020. We have recently learned that a crew of thugs is being recruited to evict us from our home. This fact was confirmed by a few different sources. The “enforcers” come from the Warsaw underworld and are being offered a lot of money for the job. Currently, there is no legal action being taken against us in court. We are in effective possession of the building and inhabit it legally. The eviction that is being planned would be illegal and carried out with the preferred method of reprivatisation-era landlords – sheer violence.

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Solidarity With The #Warsaw3! Call For Actions at May 31

A year after the arrest of the three Warsaw anarchists the first court sitting will take place on May 31st 2017. We are asking for your support with solidarity actions and demos in front of Polish embassies and consulates! Wherever you are, please stand in solidarity with our comrades against the state oppression!


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