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#WelcomeUnited Mass Deportation Alert in #Germany: Protests Announced

German authorities have at least  3 deportation flights scheduled for the coming week. The planes will depart from Düsseldorf, Germany. Activists announced protests against the deportations. Meanwhile the Welcome United campaign started in its second week. Yesterday there was a demonstration in Bochum, while today the cops had nothing better to do as to observe the monthly Welcome To Wuppertal breakfast in a church (!!!) with several police vans and additional cops in civil clothes.


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#WelcomeUnited Demonstration in #Bochum, #Germany

Welcome United Demonstration in Bochum, Germany on September 9th. Starting point: at 1 pm at Josef-Neuberger-Straße, close to the main station. Solidarity with refugees! Stop Deportations! No Borders!


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#Wuppertal #Germany: We’ll Come United: Meeting!

Invitation to a meeting for planning and organization on July 13 in Wuppertal, Germany. People who are active with and for refugees and new inhabitants of Wuppertal met on June 16 to talk about a local contribution to the days of action of the nationwide campaign “We’ll come United”. From September 2 onwards, various actions and activities for the second anniversary of the “Summer of Migration 2015” will influence the public discussion before the Bundestag elections. The “We’ll Come United“ days of action will end with a large demonstration/ parade one week before the elections in Berlin.


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#RefugeesWelcome: Welcome United Fighting for Social Rights – We’ll come United!

Enough is Enough signed the call for decentral action days from September 2nd and a demo in Berlin on September 16th: Welcome United Fighting for Social Rights. We’ll come United!


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