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Belgium, Arlon: The Zablière evicted

Arlon. Belgium. Early this monday morning, March 15, the forces of disorder evicted the zadists present in the area. The Arlon police mobilized last night with the support of the federal police on the outskirts of the Zablière to begin an eviction at dawn. This method of intervention without prior notice aims to avoid having to confront the movement as a whole, to prevent solidarity and resistance from organizing.

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ZAD D’Arlon threatened with eviction: Call for resistance! [Belgium]

Germany. Belgium. For the moment the struggle for the Dannenrod forest occupation is in a calm phase, the eviction of the Bahnhof forest in Flensburg could be prevented just in time, and in the Rhineland villages are being destroyed for coal. Because even in a pandemic, state and capital are not asleep, neither in Germany nor anywhere else. In neighboring Belgium, there is also resistance to this destructive system, since 2019 in the form of the Zabliere, a forest occupation against offices and parking lots. Already at the beginning there was a video about the resistance there on the Facebook account of Hambach Forest. Now the occupation in Belgium is threatened, what follows is the call of the occupation to defend it now and today, in the face of the threat of eviction on January 26, 2021.

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